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Brand Identity

Visual identity is the set of aesthetic guidelines that help you communicate your brand consistently. It is a part of the brand identity that deals with the aesthetic part and contains everything that is the image of the brand. It's not just about the logo.

We study for you:

  • The logo
  • The color system
  • Typefaces
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Ui/UX design

understanding each step of the design process is the basis of a solid training as a UX designer. The complete UX course trains future web designers by offering a training experience on the 3 major areas of user experience: user research, interaction design, visual design.

  • Design research
  • Visual design
  • Design systems
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Campagne Pubblicitarie

On Google, people search for everything: what to buy, where to eat, where to stay, which gym to join. Make Design's Google Ads Specialists will help you run your ad at the right time, just when someone is looking for a product or service similar to yours.

let's talk

Good ideas often get lost in everyday traffic and struggle to get to their destination. Like others, we know many shortcuts, but we prefer scenic routes: research, training, consulting.

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